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Insurance Companies
National Insurance company Limited
Sr. Manager : T. Ragavendra Rao
D.No. 10/61, 1st Floor, Eluru Road, Gudivada - 521301, Phone No.: 08674 - 245046 Mobile No.: 9704556767 
The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
General Insurance
D.No. 14305, Rice Millers Association Building, Post Office Road, Gudivada - 521 301, Phone No.: 08674 - 244385  
Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited
Insurance Company
# 10-136A, 2nd Floor, Opp. More Super Market, Besides Union Bank of India, Eluru Road, Gudivada - 521301, Krishna Dt., Andhra Pradesh WebSite : www.BirlaSunLife.Com, Phone No.: 08674 - 244450, FAX - 08674-244792 Mobile No.: 9247029288, 92470292999 

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