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Internet Centers
Rajesh Net 'N' Graphics
Internet, Photo shope, FAX, Courier, Job works, Railway, Bus & Flight Tickets online Reservation available
Shot No. 73, NTR Stadium Complex, Gudivada-521301, Phone No.: 08674 - 241313 Mobile No.: 92901 31327 
Surya Net
Internet, E-mail, Web-cam, Chatting, Laminations, FAX
Beside Giri Transport, Bantumilli Road, Gudivada - 521 301,   
Baby Sanjana Cyber Café

D.No. 11/142-3, Elur Road, Gudivada - 521 301, Phone No.: 08674 - 247131 Mobile No.: 97012 35666 
QueNet Systems

Opp. I Town Police Station, Gowrisankara puram, Elur Road, Gudivada - 521 301,  Mobile No.: 98494 53894 
City Net Café

Opp. Guru Raju Homeopathi Hospital, Gopala Rao Pet, Gudivada - 521 301,  Mobile No.: 99515 94602 
Sri Sai Net Café

D.No. 11/261, Eluru Road, Gudivada - 521 301, Phone No.: 08674 - 240063 Mobile No.: 9440138923 Email :
Sri Sai Ram Internet
Internet, Project Works, Voice Chat, Web Cam
Eluru Road, Behind Gangamahal Theatre, D.No. 10/232, Gudivada - 521 301, Phone No.: 08674 - 241937  
Unite Internet Center
1. High speed internet browsing in comfortable cabins with web cam, voice chat, color printing, scanning, CD, DVD writing, 2. Mobile ring tones and wall papers wil be kept here 3. Computer and Mobile service is available here
Opp. Chand tent house & Central bank, Near Chinna Sivalayam, gwri sankara Pura, Gudivada - 521 301,  Mobile No.: 9949275004, 9703826610, 9849110232 
Way To Wish

WayToWish is good, Phone No.: Satyanarayanapuram  Email : 9395552769
Right Click

Right Click Internet Gateway, Phone No.: Satyanarayanapuram  Email : 9395552769
Right Click
Right Click Internet Gateway
Satyanarayana Puram, Opp. Vani Sadam Gudivada - 521 301,  Mobile No.: 9395552769 Email :

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