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ADITYA Jewellers & Financiers
All Types Jewellary Available, 916 KDM Vadhanam, Nackles, All silver items are available
# 9/93, Friend's Plaza, Beside Raavi Textiles, Main Road, Gudivada- 521 301, Phone No.: 08674 - 244789 Mobile No.: 9949765299, 9949155434 
Sri Ambica Jewellery Mart
Jewelleries, Gold, & Silver Marchent.
Jewellers & Financiers, # 4/287, Ganganamma Street, Gudivada-521 301, Phone No.: 08674-242297(S), 242453 Mobile No.: 9440321411 
New Jewellery Mart
KDM item, 22 carrets, Jewellery Rubi Embrold items
Gold & Silver Business, D.No. 15/47-1, Park Road, Gudivada - 521 301, Phone No.: 08674 - 244622 (s), 243388   
Teja pearls & Benter Show Room
Good pearls, Pagadalu, American Diamond sets lockets, Benter & 1 gram Gold Bangles, Haralu, Chains, Neckless are my Specialities.
Ganganamma Street, Gudivada- 521301,  Mobile No.: 9440646975, 9848013588 
VenkataSai Deepya Pearls
Bentex Jewellery, 1 gram gold Jewellery Bangles, Chains, Lockets, American Beats, Quality pearls and Quarles American Jates, Black Beat Chains, Guaranteed Jewellery.
Bentex Jewellery, Shop No. 4/280-1, Raj Mansions, Backside Sobhana Hotel Road, Gudivada - 521 301,  Mobile No.: 9959589093 
Sha Dharmachand Sumermal & Co.

Jewellery & Bankers, Tilak Road, Gudivada - 521 301, Phone No.: 08674 - 244255, 244266  

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